Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Why does it always rain on me?

I asked Becky one day at work, to which she replied, quite matter-of-factly "Because you lied when you were seventeen, mate!"
You gotta love Becky.

But it's true.

You can completely forget the weather report here. There are some things WAY more reliable to predict when it's gonna rain.

a)When you forget your umbrella and go on an extensive walk. More likely, if there is no cover around. Even more likely when you are in an area that turns into a mudfest at the slightest hintof humidity.

b) When you don't take your umbrella because the weather looks just fine and dandy. But perfectly blue skies and bright sun mean jackshit. As soon as you have left the house (and are too far from it to just go back for the aforementioned rain deflector device), dark clouds will gather over your head and soak you to the bones. And of course, it will stop the minute you enter a building. And restart when you leave it again.

c) When you just hung up a massive load of laundry (and left the house so you can't get it in quickly).

d) When you cleaned and polished the windows. That one worked with mother so predictably, we called her "Rain (Wo)Man". She should totally go to drought-pestered Third World countries as an aid worker.

e) When you have discovered that your shoes have holes, but you just shrug and say, "nah, they will be ok for another day".

f) When you go to your first outdoors rock festival. Even more so, when you forget your tent. (Hello Dom!)

And don't give me shit, because my life has empirically proven that.

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