Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Fever

As Wil put it quite appropriately, it's hard to decide whether I should feel like it's the night before Christmas or the night before I go to the dentist. I had more of a dentist feeling, to be honest... more like impending root canal treatment or quadruple wisdom teeth removal. Call me pessimistic, but I never had much hope that Bush would lose and get his sorry ass out of office. Just too much power behind that asshole and his consorts.
Yet, never have I been sitting more on hot coals like during this election. Maybe still hoping for a miracle. Kerry isn't exactly my first choice, but he is at least the lesser of the two evils.

Someone pointed out that choosing the lesser of the two evils is still choosing evil. Yeah, smartass. Of course, I would rather have Nader, but I suppose, this election was more about getting Bush out of office then getting the right man into it. That may be foolish, but Nader's chances were pretty low to begin with. I suppose every country, once in a while, has a tyrant to remove. If Bush can go and get Saddam by means of war, why can't others vote Bush out of office? At least there is no bloodshed over it.
I know it's not the ideal situation, but when has it been in the past 4 years?

God, things look bad. Bush is ahead. I did NOT want to wake up to that, even though it doesn't surprise me. At all.
Let something happen. Please.


Ohio Ohio OHIO! Come on!!

Update 17.27p:


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