Thursday, December 09, 2004

Penis envy, penis fear

Apparently, Ewan McGregor, the cupcake eyecandy junkie from "Trainspotting", is pissed off because the US censored his nekkid glory in his latest film "Young Adam".

God, celebrity gossip. She doesn't, does she?
Bear with me. I've got an old but nonetheless valid point to make.

According to the Guardian,

"McGregor told premiere magazine: "It does amuse me, the horrific violence that comes out of American cinema. But someone's cock is too much. If I'd blown away 5,000 people with a semiautomatic machine gun, that would be fine. But I showed my penis.

"If you want to see my penis, you'll have to fly to Britain," he added, helpfully."

This made me smile. Very much. Because I like bluntness in response to hypocrisy. Even more so, charming bluntness.
Tell them as it is, bro!!

What I would like to add is that, funny enough, it is also perfectly ok to show nekkid women, which is bloody hypocritical considering how easy it is to set off the moral guardians over there.

Which tells me:

The moral guardians are men. They like ogling at women. They don't mind objectifying women because that is what women are for, I suppose, in their little, narrow-minded, distorted, sick-as-fuck world. God have mercy on their wives... but maybe not, because those cows were stupid enough to marry those morons.
But what strikes me as more urgent is that they are also most likely repressed homosexuals because they cannot tolerate seeing a penis, perhaps out of fear that it will give the good old Christian phrase "tent revival" a whole new meaning.
It's probably the same idiots that rant against gay marriage, for the same reasons.

I can picture the Southpark dialogue.

"Maybe... gay marriage isn't that bad of an idea!"
"What??? Are you a homosexual?"
*wife squeals and faints, while members of the censorship and moral reinforcement board, flustered, make the sign of the cross*

But yes. You looked right through me. I admit it.

All Smeagol wants is the penisses. (Or peni? What's the plural of penis?)
Especially if it is attached to an eye candy like Ewan McGregor.

But fair enough, you know?
After all, women make up 50% of the audience. And in this case, probably a lot more, because this film sounds like it has a plot and doesn't involve a lot of guns and monstrous boobies.
You gotta keep your audience happy. After all, money rules the world.

Hey. A bit of sexism has never hurt anyone ;).

But I am in Britain already. I get to see Ewan McGregor's penis. Again. Neener neener neener.

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