Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Roman vs keyboard

My friend Roman just started his own blog called "Roman against the keyboard". Roman taught my media & society seminar in the first year, and what can I say other than that I just expect great things to come from this lad. He is so bright that I feel like a stuttering ignorasmus next to him, but the thing is, he is humble enough that he would never make anyone feel like that (at least not on purpose ;) ). Roman is:
-a wicked party cat (meow!)
-great conversationalist
-funny as hell
-working on his PHD in Political Communication - so he knows his shit!
-one of the people that helped me get my head out of my ass, so I owe him lots.

I highly recommend to pop by at his blog... he got lotsa interesting things to say.

Roman kicks ass.

Ass-kissing over and out.

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