Friday, February 25, 2005


A few months ago one of my good friends, amazing Andi Joseph, told me that he is considering to propose to his girlfriend Isabelle. It turns an old cynic like me into a sappy, romantic girlie, because Andi is one of those wonderful lads I wish all happiness in the world, rather than a slow painful death involving rough removal of genitalia (just kiddn, fellas!). Andi is one of my yardsticks when it comes to men, and to spirituality. I do believe in the importance of role models, and I don't care if anyone finds that lame, because if you see a lot of shit, that is sometimes the only practical orientation you will find.

Anyways, the point of this post is...

I got to chat to Isa today on msn for the first time and cannot really claim to know her, but she seems like a wonderful girlie, and I hope I will get to know her more.

This is to say (even though I am totally repeating myself!) how happy I am for the both of you, and that I wish you both all the happiness and all the blessings in the world!!!

Lots of Love to the both of you!!!

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