Wednesday, February 16, 2005

He puts the M in Manly!

Heya folks, everyone survived VD alright? What a sham. Of course, I am single, so I have to say that. ;) (Which is, just FYI, NOT an ad... I quite happily intend to stay that way for a while!)
Anyways, I read that abbreviation for Valentine's Day on Monday for the first time. Don't ask me how this has previously escaped me, but that's just how it was. VD. For a minute I thought that was a reference to a sexually transmitted disease. But then again, I guess, a lot of sexual transmissions concentrate around V-Day (or not, depending on whether you forgot to buy the lady some greenage).
So I think V-Day is a sham... I bet at least 90 % of the gifts are purchased out of a sense of duty, and where is the love in that? Plus, it is hard enough to buy useful presents on birthdays and Christmas, so please not another day. And then of course, there is the old line of V-Day being plain commercialism, so screw that.

So yeah, bah, humbug.

"Bah, humbug", by the way, happens to be one of my friend's favourite line, and because he has written a particularly cool V-Day entry, I really wanted to write about him. About bleedin time anyway, because Jun is one of my oldest internet friends, and I have never publicly given him the credit he deserves, so shame on me.

I met Jun when Wil's message board was first established. My avatar was a bouncing booger, his was Eric Cartman. It's funny... I know what he looks like in real life, but to this day, every time I see Cartman, I have to think of Jun. Just stuck with me.
Back then, I was a fundamentalist Christian, and he totally wound me up. (I tell ya, it is soooo easy to wind up fundies.) Boy he enjoyed it. I remember one of my other friends, who is a vegan, sending me messages about how he pissed her off as well, and we both grumbled about the animal-murder-endorsing blaspheming heathen.
Jun and I pretty soon talked via messenger, and even though we were in our views completely opposed - I was a frigid bible thumper, he used the lord's name in vain and nagged me about sending him bikini pictures :D - we became really good friends.

One thing you need to know about Jun is that he be Manly! So don't doubt that ever, or you're in trouble. And another thing, that he will probably hate me for for making public is that he is really sweet. And one thing I don't really need to point out if you have ever read his wicked blog is that he is pants-crappingly funny, has a fantastic politically incorrect humor, that he is brilliant, has a wicked eye for the bizarre things in life and is an excellent writer.

Years have passed and I am not a fundie anymore. You know when you change, that you sometimes lose friends over it? That has happened to me a lot, but one thing I learnt is that the true friends are those who stay with you no matter how you develop, and handle your change with grace. Jun is one of those friends, and Junnie, if you read this, I love you to pieces, my lovely corrupting influence!

I have yet to send him bikini pictures, but I wear his tshirt with pride :).

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