Friday, February 11, 2005

Sweet relief

So my mate Adam emailed me the other day, pointing out that I hardly post anything personal anymore. So someone does actually want to read it!

Well, the past weeks nothing really happened except that I typed my fingers into raw sausages, working on my dissertation. Today was the deadline for the first draft, and while I still haven't done the conclusion, I handed in the fucker... I have gotten to the point that I don't even know anymore what the hell I am writing and where I am going with it...
So far, the dissertation is about 5 times as long as it should be. I dunno who the hell invented limited word counts when it comes to dissertations. I'd understand a minimum, but max? But fair enough, I would be the first one pounding my fist on the table for word limits if I had to read them all.

Anyways, the most difficult part of my dissertation is done, and the feeling is incredible. While it was really hard work, I enjoyed it (sick me, I know). It's six weeks till the final deadline, so I can't get lazy just yet.

On another note, good ol' Wilster has landed a role on CSI and is on set as we speak!!! He is playing a crazy homeless guy called Walter, and he looks fantastic!

What I loved even more was what he posted about the making of Walter:

Turning into Walter was really fun, other than the extreme pain that came with my wig. Because I did a stunt tonight (I have to be very careful, and not give any of the plot away, so bear with me) my wig needed to be "anchored" to my own hair. To do that, they hair department put this stuff called hair glue on me, and twisted my real hair into little bundles that they secured with rubber bands. Holy shit did that hurt. Then they put the wig on me, and used pins to "anchor" the wig to those little hair glue balls that happen to be attached to my scalp. Believe it or
not, it's actually as fun as it sounds!
The director (who fucking rocks!) and I decided that Walter has this dangerous volatility to him, that is a result of the voices in his head. Walter uses drugs and alcohol to quiet those voices in his head . . . but it's not working as well as he hoped it would. In fact, it's kinda making it worse. Okay, it's really making it worse, and playing that was just too much fun. Of course, because I'm in a serious makeup and costume thing, it's that much easier to totally become this guy.

We shot out in Northridge tonight, in this ├╝ber suburban area, and I *really* wanted to wander around the streets in my Walter clothes and makeup, shouting at people that only I could see. I was going to take bets on how long I could get away with that before someone called the police . . . but it turned out that I had real work to do, so that will sadly remain just an idea. Maybe next time.

On Sunday, Electric Six is playing at the Fire Station. I have never been to the Fire Station because I hate clubs, and university clubs even more, because they usually play shite music and are full of drunk groping assholes. But Electric Six, ever since the Viking Kittens played their "Gay Bar" song, and Charlie's Angels drooled over evil surfers to the sound of "Danger, Danger... (High Voltage)", are kinda my musical heroes. Not top of the list, but still pretty wicked.
Still, since I have to work and all, I don't see it happening. :(
But I can play the Viking Kittens on the pooter on loop, just to see how long it takes to make Badar flip. Badar loves "Gay Bar", really. He is just too much in the closet to admit it ;). (JK, Baddie.)
Sadly, that is about all there is to report at the moment. I have, indeed, no life!


By the way...

Why the hell were wisdom teeth invented? Just to torture mankind? I am sure we didn't have wisdom teeth before the fall of man.

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