Saturday, April 30, 2005

Pointless post

Just thought I mention it.

I love this film, "White chicks". It's totally brainless, but so funny.
My favourite scene is when that bodybuilder black guy takes one of the cops-in-drag out on a date. Cop-in-drag is freaked out and turns on the radio to distract huge horny black guy, and this Vanessa Carlton song (A thousand miles) begins to play.
Big black guy looks stunned. Perhaps even mildly taken aback by the uncoolness of the song (or so hopes cop-in-drag). Then he breaks out in a wide grin and says:
"Oh man! How did you know! I LOVE THIS SONG!"
And begins singing along, with all the little karaoke dance moves.

I swear I nearly piss myself every time.

Thing is, I used to love that song. Now I just can't take it seriously anymore. They totally ruined it for me.

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