Friday, May 27, 2005

Exams Schmexams

It's 7.30 in the morning, and even though I should be going over my magic six-point-plans (thanks Malcolm!), I sit here and blog. Of course. I cleaned the bathroom yesterday and established an elaborate plan on the fun and crucial things to do after my exams. Cos that is all so important it can't wait. And now I've got nothing to do anymore.

It's funny. You'd think I'd have learned by now that in a month's time (not even!), no one is gonna give a crap about my exams anymore. No one is gonna ask me about them, and interrogate me why I didn't do any better or whatever (knock on wood). Going through finals in High School felt like fighting the last apocalyptic battle, but the life after was so unaffected by it, it was anticlimatic.

And still I sit here an fret. Mind you, not enough to have a last run through my prep cards...

When I got up I promised myself I would just quickly check my email and see whether there were any new pointless surveys to fill out at myspace... but noooooo.
Been sitting here for like 40 mins, browsing blogs.
Damn, what did I do before the internet?

Patty <--- information junkie

Must. Have. Input.

So I found those two amazing blogs this morning:

Winter of Discontent (screamingly funny!)

and Blondebutbright. Brilliant writing and thought-provoking.

Yeah, that's clever. Directing the audience away from my blog.

I expect you back here in 5.

Or else.

In the words of the Great and Awesome Jessica Stover: Jihad declared, fools!

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