Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This is the end


I just came back from my last exam - EVER!

Nevermind how it went... I think it went well... but I feel so strange. I still can't believe uni is over for me. I won't officially graduate until November, but there is no more work to be done for me. Until this morning, things were frantic. And suddenly, the frenzy has come to a sudden stop, leaving me dizzy, and hyperconscious of the sudden silence.

I got back home, and the ecstasy is already fading... and I am beginning to feel the cold draft of "the hole". The lack of pressure. There is so much stuff I can do, but suddenly I don't feel like doing anything, and then again, the sudden lack of pressure, tasting so similar to boredom and emptiness, doing anything feels like a task even though a few days ago I was still excitedly planning for it.

Oh well. I will go and do some cleaning to pull me away from the hole. And to be fair, it's not like I can be lazy now. Gotta work tomorrow, and there is job and house hunting to do.

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