Wednesday, August 10, 2005

15 minutes of fame

Once more, James the Knob has been panicking over nothing. Maybe finally he will realise that the effin Offshore/Oceanarium is not the navel of the universe. Sheesh.
The telly people were down here alright, but around 8.30 in the morning... and they were filming the lifeguards doing their training. They never even threw a glance into our general direction. Hah.
It makes me giggle, though... when this lifeguard thing is being aired, there will blatantly be Baywatch references, and they will so play the Baywatch theme.
Am feeling rather smug these days, I must say. You know, they may accuse me of worshipping David Hasselhoff simply based on my nationality - but I am not the one who has a framed picture of the man himself in their office. Neither do I know the words to the Baywatch theme song - unlike the Bournemouth Beach lifeguards.
Still, I love stereotypes... my ex-housemate Badar could be easily amused by my German-touretting "Jaaaaaaa, mine bucking Bronco Hasselhoff!!!" behind closed doors. Just for you Bads. Don't want to shatter your worldviews, after all.

Anyways, just a few days later, ITV was around, filming the summer beach mania. And my mate Jon made it on to the evening news!
The funny thing is, they made him pretend to be a Frenchman who can't speak English. He had to cover up the offshore logo on his shirt and look clueless, while an ITV news chick-gone-phony customer hassled him about the menu. It was well funny when we watched it on TV, and Jon, from now on, is Jean. I just wonder why they got an English person to pretend he is French when they have the whole beach full of foreigners. The pick of the litter, practically.

Plus, it makes you think about the way news stories are constructed.

But I don't want to diminuish Jon's 15 seconds of fame in any way. Well done Jon. Frenchman or not, you were on TV!!

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