Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Let them come!

Apparently, T4 is down filming at Bournemouth beach on Friday. I work on Friday. James, of course, has his girlie knickers in a twist and admonished all of us to behave.
What the hell is he implying?? Do we ever misbehave????
Needless to say, I shall be on my best behaviour.

*mischievous grin*

Seriously, I am not a great fan of TV personalities. They are kinda like their make-up. To look normal on TV, you gotta cake the shit on. To seem vaguely interesting as a TV presenter, you just gotta be the most annoying, self-orbiting, smarmy piece of shit. Especially with those oh-so-bubbly, ever-joking, non-funny, eternally "youthful" giggly types that you see on British TV every day. I can hardly watch them on TV without my stomach turning... haha, I dunno if I can cope in real life without projectile-vomiting something in their general direction.
They are the kind of people who think the world revolves around them just because they are on TV. I already have visions of them skipping the queue, demanding what The Shat called "a Starbucks run!"
But that's what we have little Vicky for. She is the Iron Lady of Till Duty. She is immune to customer jokes, demands and begging for exceptions.
"Milk is over there!"
"Sorry, the breakfast menu closes at 11. No you can't have that, because that, too, is on the breakfast menu."
Full stop. You don't argue with the Iron Lady. She is as fierce as she is little.
Three years of customer service do that to you. And no bubbly TV presenter is gonna deter her from her customer destruction path.

But I should really shut up. I, too, am bubbly, after all. The big difference, though, is that they think they are bubbly and everyone loves them. I, on the other hand, am bubbly but convinced everyone hates me. So the element of irony there adds a postmodern twinge to it that makes me feel a little less of a twat. Plus, unlike them, I am not oblivious to the fact that I annoy people. On the contrary. I take great pleasure in it. So there.

I should be grateful for the TV thing on Friday, really. In terms of obnoxiousness, I have finally found a worthy adversary.

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