Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Plant a bomb in the playboy mansion

OK, that's it, I've had it.
No more boyfriends/dates/baloney in Patty's life. It is turning into a fuckin comedy, if it wasn't so ridiculously predictable and pathetic.
I dunno what it is with the boy cunts over here, but I find it impossible to get involved with the testosterone brigade over here other than as mates. It's like they lose their flipping mind/reason/decency the minute you make yourself sexually available in any form, even if ever so mildly and treat you like the last piece of shit, as if they are entitled to it as soon as they get onto a certain level of intimacy with you - no, I correct: as if it is their fucking job.

What I don't understand is why so many girls here allow them to treat them like that. It has gotten to the point that after having a recent minor involvement with what turned out to be a classic specimen of the Common Boy Cunt, any complaint or angry reaction was greeted with, believe it or not, surprise. Like there is something wrong with you getting pissed off if someone acts like an asshole around you. And CBC doesn't even get it when you break off all contact with them after telling them in their face what you think of them - they continue to pester you and demand to be treated 'civil'. What the FUCK? What do I have to do to make myself clear?

Harry was wrong, but Sally didn't have it figured out completely either. You can only be friends with men. Nothing more. Get some hormones involved, and the War of the Worlds pales into a kindergarten picnic in comparison.

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