Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Shits and giggles

or An Update on Bombing the Playboy Mansion

Sweet Jesus. Things have taken a dramatic escalation in the Boy Cunt Department. Part of me still wonders why I fell for that moron, but I guess it was simply because I couldn't believe that any living being could be so pathetic and deluded. It really is that ridiculous.
So instead of just jotting down what's been going on, I'll write up a fun little column describing the bizarre little scenario involving the BC, producing a classic piece satirising the average Bournemouth man... and then possibly sell it to MarieClaire or something like that. It shall be titled "Things girls with average wit say 'huh?' to" or "A treatment of the delusion of man".
And I won't have to lie or exaggerate.

In some way I am glad to have met this fella, the same way I am glad to meet the retards that sometimes come into our cafe and entertain me in a weird sideshow kinda way. Good story material.

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