Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!

No, that's not extreme bloglagging.
Today it's the Chinese New Year's. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have entered the Year of the Dog. I dunno whether that is a good or bad thing, but either way, it means that my housemate Yina has to wear solid red the whole day to prevent bad luck. She's got the works. From red knickers to red trousers and shirt and whatnot. I tell her she should play safe and spray paint the rest of her and become a commie, but a) she ain't really into the paint bit, and b) with the commie suggestion I came about a few decades too late.
Anyways, the girls have been going crazy this morning. From Yina's room I heard a sound this late morning what I first mistook for a hairdryer, but it was - a hoover! And Ni disappeared in her room with a black binliner and started putting on new bedsheets.
What the hell?

So apparently when other cultures spend their New Year's getting hammered, the Chinese go on a cleaning mission and cook like there is no tomorrow.
Not that I disapprove. The cooking is always amazing, and hey, my room needs doin as well.

Happy New Year to Ni and Yina and their gazillion billion trillion fellow countrymen!

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