Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No chance for us heathen mingers

I just found a link on Bad Christian's website, to a Christian guy "cyberwhoring himself" on his website. I think I have seen a German version of this before, but I daresay, that guy was so outrageously stupid, it must have been a piss-take. (Here is another one for those of you capable of the Teutonic tongue.) But knowing the views of some fundagelicals (i.e. evangelical gestapo), this fella actually seems for real. Now, the thing that makes me giggle is not the dating request per se; it's the requirements he puts out for potential ladies. Read it and tremble in fear/hysteria.
I especially like how he keeps misspelling 'adultery', like he is too afraid to look at the word to correct it.

Still, have to say though - if he wants to beat Antipornguy, he has a lot more work to do.

P.S.: Sadly, Antipornguy's website seems to have gone to data heaven. If any of you can find it anywhere, let me know. Otherwise, we still have Antipornguy's blog. Which is just about as amusing.

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