Monday, October 16, 2006

Damn kids today!

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Somnetimes I honestly wonder whether kids today are really just annoying little shits (with exceptions, of course, to prove the rule) or whether that’s just a perception I have because I have grown older. Our media studies lecturer mentioned that it’s just a perception because we are bitter about losing our youth, and maybe that is a possibility, but to be honest, I think in most cases it’s complete bollocks.

Just now I came back from the shop, in complete shock. There was this mother with her kid in front of me in the queue; the mother a proper chav, the kid just an unruly little wanker, maybe 9 or 10 years old. There is always a stack of beer on offer piled up next to the till – half of them Carling cans, the other half Grolsch six pack bottles. And this little midget shit started poking at the cans to pierce the clingfilm they were wrapped in, and the security guard who stood nearby said: “If that falls, it’s gonna be expensive, lad!”
See, if that kid had been me, at the latest then I would have shushed. But this little poo wouldn’t stop. The mother, of course, wouldn’t do anything to keep the kid in order.
The stack started wobbling a bit, and the security guard put his hands against the bottles to steady them, and gave the kid another word of warning, but before he could finish the sentence, the stack of bottles dropped and half of it shattered on the floor. The kid just ran after his mother and hollered: “It’s his fault!” And all the mother had to say, with hardly a look over her shoulder, was to echo her kid: “It wos his fault.” (The security guard’s.) And off they went, leaving behind a mess, without a word of apology.
Maybe the kid didn’t knock it over directly, but his fuckin around with the stack surely set things off, and I’m appalled his mother didn’t even have the decency to reprimand him or apologise.

Man, it does my head in. Seriously, I don’t care what our lecturer said, but I do not remember ever treating things I didn’t own with such disrespect. Or thinking I could get away with acting shit like that. Back in the days, if you broke something in a shop, you had to pay for it, and no one ever thought that was unfair. It wouldn’t even occur to you to whinge about it.
But customer’s rights these days have just gone too far, and all it leads to is people thinking they can get away with murder, and not face the responsibilities for their actions. It drives me mad.

But then again, I went home and had a nice experience to outbalance that little bundle of asshole genes. Our internet had been busted for two weeks, and that night, outside his working hours, one of the guys who fixes stuff up for our landlords, came round and sorted out the problem. He is a really nice guy, and he brought his little daughter (5), who is painfully shy but apparently loves being around her dad when he is working. And all us girls start fussing over her because she is too cute for words, and offer her juice and chocolates and god knows what. She is a lovely kid, and kids like her give me hope that our future is not just gonna be populated by fuckwits and wankers who only bang on about their rights but never about their responsibilities. She looks like she is gonna turn out a really decent person. One can only hope.

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