Friday, March 26, 2004

Diversity Day

I am greatly pleased with my life today... and generally, really. It's beautiful and sunny outside, though crisp cold, and Yellow Nerd Alert, Mr Worf, cause it is 7.30a and I am at uni already.

My Austrian friend Esther was over last night. We had pizza and red wine and gallons of coffee and strawberry ice cream, and chocolate and watched "What about Bob" and "Weird Science". Classics! It is good to have friends... this is me stating the obvious, and this is me, appreciating a simple truth. If you're travelling around lots and are constantly on the move, you appreciate any friend you make, who will be with you for that part of the journey.

Also, I met Bob Giddings yesterday, my writing lecturer, who is wicked funny and cool, and he approved my radio script, which I am happy about, because really, between you and me, I think it is utter crap... but I don't think I have enough creative juices left to come up with anything better right now. Bob and I always have nice chats, cos he speaks pretty fluent German and seems to be a big fan of the place (hell, he knows more about it than I do), and then I always have to run off somewhere, which makes me feel really bad. But I'll have him next year in my Editing and Publishing unit, so that's wicked.

Anyways, today is Diversity Day, and even though I really have to get some major work done on the Visual Com assignment, I am not gonna miss out. They are setting up tents and stages around the campus, and Elizabeth, one of the sweet catering ladies where I always get me coffee, told me there will be a swing band playing at lunch time. WICKED.

Tonight I will go to the movies with my friend Little Vicky from work. First we planned on watching Dawn of the Dead, but she mentioned that The Passion is on (wow Bournemouth! Catching up on the cultural bits, eh?), and I really want to see that. See what the fuss is about.


It's near lunch time now, and while the sun is gone (Bournemouth weather changes every 2 minutes, so it will be back in about................ now), the day is getting better by the minute. I have the major work done on my design assignment. I walk around campus and keep meeting people... Esther's housemate John "Pygmy Shrew"; Ali, the guy who wrote the Coupland dissertation a few years ago and really is helping me getting started with mine, my lecturers Bronwen and Roman... By the tents where there will be performances all day, they have set up a table with free tea and coffee! I am their friend now!
The nice blokeys in the bookshop know my name now (god, what does that say about me...? Mewonders, doth the name instill fear, annoyance or...). There is music playing outside, but it sounds kinda weird, like a tape that is too old or a record that plays too slow... that and the coffee and the pirate dude with the fake parrot on the shoulder make me feel like I'm trippin, dude.

Weeeee! I'm feeling very diverse today.

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