Thursday, March 25, 2004

Fangirl Alert!

I was at uni early this morning... I love the early hours (before 9), because as soon as 9 o'clock an overdimensional bus seems to arrive somewhere, unloading a mass of students who immediately occupy every computer available on campus. Before 9am, you have the pick of the litter.
So I did my stuff, then found out that the lecture I thought I had wasn't on, and then idly wandered into Waterstone's. I have been in there several times this week, probably highly annoying the clerks by asking if my order had arrived yet. This time I almost felt embarrassed... so I snuck over to the birthday card section (Tanner's bday is coming up, and I still haven't got one. I'm useless on that stuff!). Behind the desk, the clerk (a really lovely happy chap) was unpacking deliveries). I peeked thru the cards, stretching my neck a little, to get a glimpse of the shelf saying Customer's Orders... to see if there was a package with my name on it.
After a bit of dislocating my head (if that is possible) I finally saw it! There it was!!!!!
I asked the clerk, innocently, whether my order had arrived, and he went and got it.
That minute, Tess, one of my course mates, a really fun chick, appeared behind me. "Another order?", she asked. (On Monday, I had bought "The Poisonwood Bible", "Stupid White Men" and "Hey Nostradamus" [which I need for my dissertation, so there!, and it was a 3 for 2 deal, so it was cheap, and now get off my back! ;)].)
I couldn't hold back. "I'm so excited!" I blurted out, doing my lame squeaky-teenage-girl bounce. "I have been waiting for ages to get this one."
"What is it?" Tess asked.
"There is this bloke in the states who has a weblog", I said. "And he wrote up some stories which are hella sweet that he had previously published on his blog, and self-published them, and I could never get them cos I don't have a credit card. But he sold out his stock, and everyone was so keen on them that a publisher offered him a book deal, and now you can get them everywhere. It's totally amazing."
I am sure Tess didn't really want to know all that. She looked at me, with a raised eyebrow and that smile that said that this hyper weird stage was familiar to her, and she had just come to accept and sort of expect of me, and yes, here it was again.
"What's it called?", she asked.
I picked up my (MY! MY!) copy and let her peek into it as I leafed through it, with an ecstatic grin, occasionally stopping at the pages with the cute illustrations.
"Dancing Barefoot." I said, again bouncing like Roo on speed. "Hella awesome!!!"
The bookshop clerk bounced a little with me. "So good to see that people still get excited about books!", he said, and I know it wasn't sarcasm. "Enjoy it!"
"Ooooh, I shall!" I said.
Tess just looked at me and her grin widened.
"You are such a fangirl!", she said.
"I know!" I squealed. "Sue me!"

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