Monday, July 05, 2004

She would wake to a day of naming

When we went to Monkeyworld (which I still haven't posted about, dammit), I went crazy and got meself a "talking" chimp. Well, he isn't really talking... when you press his hand, he just breaks out into excited monkey screaming. I totally fell in love with that chimp (not that way, sicko!) because a) his face looks like that of a toy chimp my buddy David had as a kid, and b) because when playing with that chimp back then, we made exactly the same noises as that chimp does on command. It was like a flashback. And c) of course, he was just too cute to pass.

It took me weeks to figure out what to name the chimp. You may think that is silly, that a 27-year-old still names toys - hell, actually buys toys! - but I have always done that. All my toys had names. And many of them were monkeys, actually. There was Nucki, my mon chi chi who I had since I was 2, and Tombo, my big gorilla who I found on the front steps of our apartment house one day. I had a green monkey since I was a baby (I forgot his name), and a frog, and a pig, and several dogs, and whatnot...
So the talking chimp is the newest member of the family.

By the way, Talking Chimp scared the wits outta me last night. That should teach me, sharing a bed with noisy toys. I had rolled over and must have ended up on Talking Chimps hand - which has the button to trigger the screaming - which, of course, went off immediately.
So there I was, at 3am, suffocating the poor screaming monkey with a pillow to not wake my house mates and having to explain myself the next morning...

Anyways, I have finally found a name, after I watched Project X yesterday: Virgil.

Alternatively, I can call him Mofo the Psychic Gorilla (thanks jbay for the inspiration).
I know he is a chimp, but I am a rebel. So there!

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