Monday, March 27, 2006

Catch the Fever Part II

Last year in October and November, I blogged about my friend Pat's brilliant, amazing band Tetra Fever, and whinged a lot about their neither having a website nor a recording to pleasure my ears with, or yours, for that matter.

Gloriously, this un-state has changed, and hereby I pester you to check out their music here. Once you listen to it, you will realise that I was right in pestering, and that sooner or later you would have found it anyway, because of its magic attraction and lure.

Tetra Fever is beautiful and makes bad things go away.
Tetra Fever makes world peace.

So there.

On that note, I also just discovered that my friend Jimvincible has just put out some good shit which really totally deserves a blog of its own, but I have to postpone that, otherwise I am not getting a lift home. As I am a lazy shit, this would be disastrous. But let it be said, Jim totally rocks my ipod.

If I had one.

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