Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Red Alert for Charity

As some of you may know, I am working for this charity called OCD UK, as their newsletter editor. OCD UK is a charity run by people suffering from OCD (which includes yours truly), and it's the fastest-growing OCD charity in the UK.

I know a few of you who read this more or less regularly either have OCD, as well, or suffer OCD symptoms, and anyone familiar with this knows how fucking awful it is, having to be terrified of things other people consider exaggerated or ridiculous, and having this awful irrational urge to do something really stupid to make sure whatever you are terrified of doesn't happen. We are well aware of how dumb that is: checking for the tenth time whether you have locked the door, counting things or putting them in just the right place if you don't want your baby or your father to die, washing your hands for the umpteenth time, till they are raw, because you feel dirty and covered in germs, and it fills you with such anxiety you feel like your head will explode. But there is nothing you can do about it. OCD is a condition of excessive worry... if you have ever spent sleepless nights worrying and stressing over an issue so much you thought you would go out of your mind, imagine, the average OCD sufferer experiences that every single day. Peace of mind is a mental state most of them don't know. It fucking ruins your life.
And let's not talk about stigma, and shame, and embarrassment. I dunno how often I have been caught and laughed at, because the people who did so were ignorant cunts.
This is the kind of stuff which increases anxiety (of being caught) and therefore makes OCD worse.
Thankfully, my OCD has been reduced to the point that I can have a normal life, but others aren't as lucky. Some people can't even work, or have normal relationships. If anyone has seen "The Aviator", you get an idea of how bad it can be.

OCD UK works towards raising public awareness about this condition, fighting for sufferers to receive proper treatment (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy combined with medication), which is still in kiddy shoes in this country. At the moment, if you apply for CBT, you're on the waiting list for at least a year. Moreover, this charity has a phone line to offer support and advice, runs a website and a message board, and as I said, publishes a newsletter 5 times a year, and so forth.
Also, OCD UK members actually adviced the Hollyoaks scriptwriters about the part of Cameron, who, in the show, suffers from OCD, to help them depict OCD as realistically as possible.

Anyways, the point of all this is, I have just read a message by Ashley, our Chief Executive, saying that OCD UK is in deep financial trouble and, if things don't change, may have to close down in a month's time.

I positively hate to run around with a begging bowl, especially since I know that most of you, being students and all, have virtually no money. And I am totally not pressuring you! But I thought throwing the thought out there wouldn't hurt, so there ya go.
It's not that I have personally any benefit from it, cos my work for the charity is totally voluntary and I don't earn a penny from it. The reason why I want this charity to go on is because the work it does is something I really believe in (if not to say, am in need of -- so yeah, maybe there is some benefit :blush:)
If you have any spare chance or a quid or two in your accounts, or a little credit on your mobile, or wanna get rid of your mobile cos you just got a new one, anything, any penny would help, really!

OCD UK has a whole list of ways to donate on their website, which is all straightforward and explained.

Also, if you want to order stuff from, and simply go to Amazon through the link in the top left hand corner of this website, OCD UK will receive a donation, and it won't cost you anything (obviously it will not be added to your amazon bill).

Any help from you guys would be terrific, and we at OCD UK would be totally and utterly grateful (and compulsively say a few million Ave Marias for you! Stop complaining! We could compulsively hug you, too!)

Thanks for listening, and lots of love to you, no matter how you may decide!


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